Impact Martial Arts offers Training to All Ages

Karate Kids Classes (Ages 5-12)

Are you looking for martial arts classes that are focused, structured, high energy, and fun? Our childrens classes and curriculum will reward your child with:

  • Karate Lifeskills – Discipline, Respect, Confidence, & Focus
  • Make a possitive difference at home and at school
  • Classes that are organized, exciting, and stress self-discipline

Adult and Teen Classes (Ages 13 and Up)

In our Adult & Teen martial arts classes you will learn:

  • Karate (Tang Soo Do) skills that will increase your focus & control
  • Self-Defense skills to increase your awarness, confidence, and ability to defend yourself.
  • Our martial arts classes are fun and challenging for both men and women.


Print or Save The Testing Sheet, Just Click Here… Karate Testing